Posted by The Celebrity Group on Nov, 09 2023

Bella Ramsey named Creative Director of Both&

Bella Ramsey, known for her role in "Time," has taken on the role of Creative Director for the trans apparel brand Both&. In conjunction with this, Both& has initiated an online and Los Angeles-based scavenger hunt, offering participants the chance to connect on a microsite and win limited edition t-shirts. Reflecting on her involvement, the British actor expressed, 'I was like, "Oh cool, clothing that actually fits and makes me feel good". So hard to find for us gender-nonconforming trans folk.'

Bella Ramsey's appointment as Creative Director for Both& marks a significant move in the fashion industry, signaling a commitment to inclusivity and representation. Her recognition of the struggle to find clothing that fits and makes gender-nonconforming trans individuals feel good emphasizes the importance of brands like Both& in addressing these specific needs.

The scavenger hunt, both online and in Los Angeles, adds an interactive and engaging element to the brand's promotion, encouraging participation and creating a sense of community. The limited edition t-shirts as rewards further enhance the exclusivity and appeal of the campaign.

Ramsey's personal endorsement of Both& and her positive experience with the brand's clothing not only emphasizes the brand's commitment to providing solutions for trans individuals but also highlights the potential impact of representation in the fashion industry.

The use of phrases like 'clothing that actually fits' and 'makes me feel good' speaks to the core values of Both& in catering to the unique needs and preferences of the gender-nonconforming trans community. This aligns with the broader societal shift towards more inclusive and diverse representation in various industries, including fashion.

In conclusion, Bella Ramsey's role as Creative Director for Both& and the launch of an interactive scavenger hunt demonstrate the brand's dedication to providing inclusive and affirming clothing for the gender-nonconforming trans community. Ramsey's personal endorsement adds authenticity and credibility to the brand, contributing to the ongoing conversation about representation and inclusivity in the fashion world.

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