Posted by Paul Grimwood on Feb, 06 2018

Celebs Fill-In for Alexa in Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad

Amazon's Super Bowl Alexa TV commercial stars Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsay and Rebel Wilson.

Celebs for Amazon Here's a look (watch ad below) at the Amazon Alexa commercial from Super Bowl LII between the AFC champion New England Patriots and the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles. The commercial stars Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsay and Rebel Wilson with an appearance from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. RELATED: Glu Mobile Partners With Gordon Ramsay The ad begins after the machine malfunctions, with Amazon staff quickly rounding up a star-studded team of replacements to substitute for Alexa in the meantime. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos enlisted chef Gordon Ramsay to help with food-related issues, but the famously prickly toque was just a little overly critical of one user’s grilled cheese recipe request. And when someone asked Cardi B to play country music, “Bodak Yellow” was all they got. Anthony Hopkins even made an appearance, totally creeping out the user in true Silence of the Lambs fashion. Then there was Rebel Wilson, who definitely enjoyed her new gig. When asked by one user to 'set the mood' for an intimate gathering, Rebel, pictured luxuriating in a bubble bath, sensually complies with the request.  Another high-profile woman in entertainment, Cardi B, is seen taunting another user who innocently asks her how far away Mars is. "How far is Mars!?" she exclaims as she covers for Alexa while getting ready inside her huge, walk-in closet. "Well, how am I supposed to know, I've never been there!" she laughs. "This guy want to go to Mars!" she shouts at one of her stylists. "There's not even oxygen there!"