Posted by Paul Grimwood on Oct, 28 2017

Danny McBride Stars in Mountain Dew Advertising Campaign

Mountain Dew has revealed Danny McBride as the new face of its new campaign.

Danny McBride for Mountain Dew For Mountain Dew's newest advertising campaign, Danny McBride has created a comedic character called Dewey Ryder who says that he is taking over from retiring Nascar racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. In a new video (see below) released as part of the campaign, Dewey talks to a confused looking Dale about Nascar racing. RELATED: Alec Baldwin Stars In New BT Mobile Advert Chauncey Hamlett, Senior Director of Marketing, Mountain Dew says, "Dewey has no racing experience. No training behind the wheel. And, we have no idea how this is going to work out. We'll definitely miss seeing Dale Jr. behind the wheel as he starts his retirement, as he is an incredible partner to the brand. Dewey Ryder brings something we've never seen before, from the way he holds a bottle of Dew to his bold, fun and boundary-pushing style." The extended cut, about two and a half minutes long, gets digital and social media distribution, as do some clever GIFs. And expect more Ryder, the “upgraded” model, in future Mountain Dew TV commercials. If you happen to be a fan of Danny McBride's hit series Eastbound and Down then this Mountain Dew ad should feel tailor-made for you. It is quintessentially McBride, as he uses his well-worn cocky machismo to deliver the laughs while acting as "Dewey Ryder," the replacement for Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Mountain Dew's driver on the NASCAR circuit.