Posted by The Celebrity Group on Jan, 19 2023

Emma Chamberlain for Lancôme

Emma Chamberlain named Lancôme global brand ambassador

Emma Chamberlain for Lancôme  - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group
Lancôme, an L'Oréal brand, has named Emma Chamberlain, an American Gen Zer, fashion icon, and entrepreneur, as global brand ambassador.
Emma Chamberlain rose to international prominence as a popular fashion icon and content creator. Emma Chamelberlain rose to social media stardom quickly after launching her YouTube channel at the age of 16.
Emma Chamberlain has since won the People's Choice award in the Pop Podcast category and been recognized by Forbes, making it to the '30 under 30 - Social Media' list in 2021.
Emma Chamberlain says: "I have always had my own notion of beauty and didn't project myself within the beauty industry because of the duality that I show, mixing comfort, with being nicely put together. Hence why, when Lancôme came to me, I felt so honored and excited that the brand understood and appreciated who I am."
Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme International President adds: "I am proud to welcome Emma to the Lancôme family. Beside achieving so much at such an early age, Emma is adored by a generation for the perspectives that she shares. We can only appreciate her humor, and the authentic tone used to discuss meaningful topics."
The web series "How do you say beauty in French?" premiered on Lancôme's YouTube channel on January 12th and showcases Emma's fresh perspective and modern wit. Emma Chamberlain explores the world of skincare and makeup in the four-part series, expressing her thoughts on self-image and sharing her vision of beauty.
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