Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 04 2023

Frankie Bridge teams up with EE

Frankie Bridge partners with EE

Frankie Bridge teams up with EE - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group Carter Bridge, the 7-year-old son of Frankie Bridge, is featured in a cute new advertisement that supports family pleasure with his mother.   The S Club Juniors and The Saturdays singer has provided fans with a rare glimpse into her personal family life as she fronts a new advertisement for EE ahead of the EE BAFTA Film Awards.   Carter is shown wearing a superhero cape in the campaign photos, while Frankie, 34, looks stylish in a beige attire as they support the EE Mini Movie Makers competition.
Frankie Bridge, a star of The Loose Women, styled her short hair about her face and wore a beige knitwear combination consisting of a sweater and pants.  The pictures show a beaming Frankie Bridge, who was obviously having a blast while posing for the camera with her baby.   Layers of matte foundation and bronzer make up her entire face.   In one adorable photo, she does a superhero posture with her arms up while her son imitates her while perched on a box.
The programme encourages families to utilise a fascinating new tool to create a short film, such as a superhero movie, and if they win, they get to walk the red carpet at the BAFTA awards.   Families may turn their living rooms into augmented reality film sets using EE Mini Movie Makers.   Frankie Bridge will meet the winning family while hosting the EE red carpet.
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