Posted by Paul Grimwood on Oct, 20 2017

George Foreman Launches Footwear Range with FootSmart.com

George Foreman has teamed up with FootSmart.com to launch a new footwear collection, which promotes mobility and wellness through walking.

George Foreman for footsmart FootSmart.com, a leading online retailer of footwear, has announced a new collaboration created by George Foreman, the popular businessman, TV personality, and two-time world heavyweight champion, to encourage “Mobility for All” with the launch of a revolutionary walking shoe collection, the George Foreman Collection by Footworks featuring SMARTsystem technology developed and tested at Stanford University. Designed to promote optimal mobility and comfort to get people back on their feet, the technically advanced designs in the collection feature an assortment of men’s and women’s athletic and casual walking shoes with innovative SMARTsystem technology. RELATED: Intimissimi Celebrates Empowered Women In New Brand Campaign SMARTsystem was created to help reduce knee stress and knee pain and slow the onset and progression of osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects over 30 million Americans according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lee Cox, president at FootSmart.com, comments, "We are excited to work with the legendary athlete George Foreman on this collaboration to offer the key 40+ demographic a walking shoe collection unlike any other on the market. Merging innovative technology developed at Stanford Center on Longevity, one the leading research facility for technological advances to help people live longer lives, the new line is a valuable addition to the FootSmart.com product assortment." "A doctor told me that the key to staying active is to keep moving, and my footwear collection features styles you can wear all day, every day," began Foreman. "Millions of Americans are affected by arthritis, and if you’re over 40 or have knee pain like I did, then these shoes are for you. My collection uses technology developed by researchers at Stanford University so you can regain mobility and improve overall health." The George Foreman Collection by Footworks retails for $90-$115 and is available exclusively on FootSmart.com.