Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 23 2022

Grace Jones for Boy Smells

Boy Smells collaborates with Grace Jones

Grace Jones for Boy Smells - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group


Grace Jones, 74, hasn't made her mark in the space - until now. The singer, model, and actress has teamed up with Boy Smells to create her very own candle.

There are notes of black pepper, bergamot, salted musk, and wet stones accord (taking me back to Jamaica during a rainstorm).

Genderless scents aren't popular among fragrance brands and Boy Smells seems to have recognized this in bringing Grace Jones to their side.

Grace Jones has defied the usual constraints in her half-century in the spotlight, lighting up catwalks and gay clubs, selling out concert venues, creating culture-defining images with Antonio Lopez, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Paul Goude.

With her sleek, geometric haircuts and vibrant, fluorescent blush, she displays an enthusiastic ability to alternate between traditional masculine and feminine codes. When she's not strutting onstage, stage costumes will show off her reverence for her own skin, irrespective of how aged it might be.

“She’s so unapologetically and ruthlessly authentic to herself,” Boy Smells cofounder Matthew Herman says, under the lilac-tinged glow of a disco ball. “And that’s a big part of queerism.”

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