Posted by The Celebrity Group on Nov, 15 2022

Jason Sudeikis for McDonald’s

Jason Sudeikis fronts McDonald's campaign

Jason Sudeikis fronts McDonald's campaign - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

In celebration of the FIFA World Cup, McDonald's just announced their global commercial with Jason Sudeikis, posing the question Wanna go to McDonald's?

McDonald's shows that people all over the world are asking the same question - albeit in different languages.

It doesn't matter whether it's pleading children, bus riders, celebrities or both happy and sad football fans, the question is the same: "Wanna go to McDonald's?"?"

The capper is Jason Sudeikis (acting rather Ted Lasso-ish) when his friend arrives with a bag of McDonald’s. He says in disbelief: “You went to McDonald’s without me? I mean, you could have asked.” When his friend says sorry, Sudeikis retorts: “You can’t eat an apology.”

Sudeikis said in a statement: “I’ve had my fair share of full English breakfasts and fancy Manhattan brunches, but if I had to choose one way to start my morning or end my late night, I’m picking the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit from McDonald’s every single time.”

It also features top TikTok creator Khaby Lame, top EA Sports Twitch streamer Edwin Castro, and K-pop star Itzy.

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