Posted by Paul Grimwood on Apr, 12 2017

Mark Ronson Teams Up with Lexus for New Product Launch

For the new LC product launch, Lexus has teamed with Mark Ronson for the 'Make Your Mark' campaign.

Mark Ronson for Lexus For the new LC product launch, Lexus has embarked on a creative collaboration with multi-award winning music producer Mark Ronson. The vehicle marks a new era for the luxury car brand with a campaign aptly titled 'Make Your Mark', which offers fans the chance to access exclusive content and experiences. The collaboration with Ronson continues Lexus's ambition of creating amazing experiences in the realms of music, art and technology. And Lexus are no strangers to celebrity endorsements as 'Make Your Mark' follows on from 2015's 'The Life RX' brand campaign that featured Jude Law. RELATED: Natasha Bedingfield Releases Song In Partnership With NESTEA Over the next six months, the 'Make Your Mark' campaign will give consumers and fans the chance to get hands on with some exciting content and amazing experiences. Talking about the upcoming product launch and collaboration with Ronson, Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe, says, "Mark Ronson is an iconic music producer behind some of the biggest hits of the decade and we couldn't have thought of a better collaborator for the 'Make Your Mark' campaign. The Lexus LC symbolises the beginning of a new phase for Lexus, which is all about creating greater synergy between engineering and design. Who better to work with on this than Mark – a man who has made a significant contribution to the world of music through his incredible performances and collaborations." Speaking about the campaign, Mark Ronson said, "I always like to work with collaborators who are innovative and unique in and out of the studio. When I was approached by Lexus with the concept of this campaign and saw the new LC, it felt fresh and exciting. I was drawn to the idea of using music to inspire and create an experience around this car." The design of the LC coupe remains remarkably true to that of the LF-LC concept car, making both winners of the EyesOn Design Award. The LC is the figurehead of an evolving vehicle development culture at Lexus, which embraces the collaboration between design and engineering teams to create a stunning car which surpasses all expectations. Save