Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 18 2022

Maya Hawke for Prada

Maya Hawke stars in Prada jewellery campaign

Maya Hawke for Prada  - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

Since its start over a century ago, Prada has created the world's most desirable fashion pieces, going from making simple leather goods to being one of the world's biggest privately owned brands. Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke, shines brightly in this novel campaign by the brand.

As part of their commitment to sustainability and circular fashion, the brand has launched their first collection of fine jewelry, ETERNAL GOLD.

Amanda Gorman, award-winning poet and activist, Maya Hawke, singer/songwriter, actress, and model, and Somi Jeon, musician, represent where Prada is now and where it can go.

Being Prada's first-ever foray into the world of fine jewelry, ETERNAL GOLD was first of many to offer collections of jewelry made with recycled gold collected in the industry's most stringent fashion.

In the fashion industry, Prada is the first company to delve into diamonds, keeping track of the carat's origins all the way down the supply chain. Transparency from sourcing materials to cutting and setting will improve their standing as a sustainable business.

The jewelry embodies Prada's mark on the industry and has kept to the goal of beautiful yet timeless items as one should expect from high-quality fine jewelry.

Pradaisms abound in ETERNAL GOLD, including the instantly recognizable triangle emblem in earrings, pendants, clasp closures, chain links and snake bracelet heads and tails.

Despite its snake-like appearance, the snake bracelet features a subtle triangle Prada triangle and smooth, unvarnished gold. Heart pendants take on an edgy look with the triangle chainlink.

Jewelry and its advertising campaign are representative of the future of a planet that doesn't throw in the towel when it's given a rough time. Something brands need to pay attention to is how well they look while they're giving back to their environment.

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