Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 19 2022

Nick Offerman for Lagavulin

Nick Offerman partners with Lagavulin

Nick Offerman partners with Lagavulin - Brand Partnership - The Celebrity Group

Lagavulin's third Nick Offerman edition, Charred Oak Cask, is the third edition in a trilogy of collaboration bottled between the pair. It follows in the footsteps of the first two editions, Offerman Edition. These include the Guinness Cask Finish and the Offerman First Edition.

The third edition was aged for eleven years and bears the likeness of Nick Offerman.

In the video, created by a popular comedy site and uploaded to YouTube, Offerman must go on an epic journey to find what he is convinced is the one-and-only charred oak-flavored, limited edition whisky.

Nick Offerman uses his witty, dry humor to humorously present a set of bizarre missions before arriving at a destination where it was just for whiskey and steak and that the entire episode was only set up.

Several of Offerman's campaign spots have featured the distiller, and the brand has even been featured in "Parks and Recreation."

He's a Generation Xer, but he still manages to appeal to the younger generations with his Ron Swanson role from the comedic show Parks and Recreation. His love of wood, steak, and scotch helped catapult him to celebrity.

Inspiring these interests into Lagavulin campaign would be a promising move, with 91% of customers preferring brands to be funny.

Brands have begun switching up their playbooks to market to a new generation of drinkers, so enlisting the "Parks and Recreation" star Nick Offerman could strengthen their ties with younger consumers who are fans of the show.

Despite economic turmoil, premium alcohol purchases have actually increased this year despite the suggested retail price of $79.99 for the new edition.

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