Posted by The Celebrity Group on Nov, 30 2023

Sofia Richie Grainge joins forces with Djerf Avenue

American social media personality and model Sofia Richie Grainge has joined forces with Swedish fashion brand Djerf Avenue to unveil an exclusive Christmas collection. The collaboration, eagerly anticipated by fans, was teased by Richie Grainge on Instagram with a post that reads, 'My holiday collaboration with @djerfavenue launches this week! November 30th #DAxSRG.' This partnership not only showcases Richie Grainge's sense of style but also highlights the festive spirit of the upcoming Christmas collection. Stay tuned for a blend of Sofia Richie Grainge's influence and Djerf Avenue's Swedish fashion sensibilities, promising a holiday collection that resonates with chic and seasonal elegance. Did you know that having a brand partnership boosts your brand awareness and sales up to THREE times more than a similar advertising campaign without?

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