Posted by Ron on Sep, 12 2013

Milla Jovovich for Milla Dairy Products

In September 2013 Hollywood movie star Milla Jovovich took a deep breath and boarded a Lufthansa jet for the 12 hour flight from Los Angeles to Baku, Azerbaijan via Frankfurt to film a TV commercial for the eponymously named Milla Dairy Products, based in the capital city of Baku.
The storyboard called for Milla to be seen in various locations around Azerbaijan enjoying Milla Yoghurt, Milla flavoured milk and sharing Milla chocolate ice cream with a group of children in the luxury mountain ski resort of Gabala. Reminiscent of a scene from The Sound of Music Ms Jovovich danced down the grassy mountain with around a dozen local children who all enjoyed an unlimited supply of Milla ice cream. As their reward the children, who are all great supporters of the Croatian national football team, were each presented with their own Croatian replica football shirt.
It was necessary to fly by private helicopter from the helipad at the Milla factory near Baku to a military base in the mountains near Gabala.