Posted by The Celebrity Group on Jan, 05 2023

Tony Hawk for Qunol

Qunol Taps Legendary Skateboarder and Entrepreneur Tony Hawk as Brand Ambassador

Tony Hawk for Qunol - Brand Ambassador- The Celebrity Group   Qunol, a wellness company that provides a wide range of nutritional supplements, has announced a partnership with legendary skateboarder and entrepreneur Tony Hawk as the brand's newest ambassador, effective January 1, 2023. Hawk first heard about the brand when his doctor suggested combining CoQ10 with his statin medication. Hawk tried other CoQ10 brands before settling on Qunol's Ultra CoQ10, which has three times the absorption of regular2 CoQ10.   "I take a statin every day to manage my high cholesterol, but statins can deplete my CoQ10 levels, so my doctor recommended taking a CoQ10 supplement. I choose Qunol because it has the #1 cardiologist recommended form3 of CoQ104," says Tony Hawk.   Tony Hawk began to delve deeper into Qunol's supplement line, with Turmeric being one of his favorites. He has spent the majority of his life participating in extreme sports such as skating, surfing, and snowboarding.   It's no surprise that Tony Hawk's high-energy lifestyle has taken a toll on his body, and this collaboration supports Qunol's mission to provide overall well-being and transformation for all individuals, with a focus on bringing health and wellness to the forefront of their lives. Hawk's holistic approach to wellness aligns with Qunol's beliefs and benefits, as do their clean and nourishing supplements, which include gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options.   Turmeric Gummies are a personal favourite of Hawk's, "Skating for over 45 years has obviously taken a toll on my body. I take turmeric to help with healthy joints and inflammation support. I enjoy the Qunol Turmeric gummies which have superior absorption compared to regular5 turmeric. They taste great and are helpful to my recovery after a heavy skate session."   Qunol strives to provide the highest quality supplements, and many of their products feature a proprietary formula that provides greater absorption than standard supplements. As a result, Qunol supplements allow your digestive system to better absorb nutrients, allowing you to reap the full benefits. Their Ultra CoQ10 absorbs 3x better than regular2 CoQ10, and their extra strength turmeric absorbs 3x better than regular5 turmeric. Their most recent addition to their portfolio is high absorption magnesium. Qunol is a firm believer that what you absorb, not what you take, is what matters!  
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