Posted by Paul Grimwood on Nov, 15 2021

Christina Aguilera for Nintendo

Christina Aguilera stars in Nintendo's new campaign for the Switch console

Christina Aguilera for Nintendo

Christina Aguilera stars in Nintendo's new campaign for the Switch console. The ad features the Moves Like Jagger hitmaker video chatting and playing games with her children while away from home.

Video game commercials often use celebrities as spokespersons, and Christina Aguilera remains a massive figure in American popular culture. While game commercials can be cheesy or unnatural, Aguilera’s seems quite credible and is a poignant look at life on tour. Playing with your kids in person is impossible on the road, but thanks to the outstanding portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, Christina Aguilera’s game night can continue even as she performs all over the world.

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Aguilera shared a campaign image on her Instagram account, captioned 'Nintendo has always had a special place in my heart, and now I get to share this love with my children 💗 No matter where life takes us, or how busy we all get, #NintendoSwitch always brings us back together for some quality family time'.

A new advertisement for Nintendo Switch, posted on YouTube, shows Christina Aguilera playing on the handheld game console as a way to communicate with your family while on the road. The ad begins with the American singer, songwriter and actress in her dressing room. Despite being close to a show, Aguilera can use the online features of the Nintendo Switch to play Super Mario 3D World with her son. On the trip home the interpreter is seen playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and during game night with her family the group is seen playing Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.

Ads are a powerful weapon in the gaming industry’s current console war between Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, and well-known celebrities often enter the field. While Nintendo partnered with Christina Aguilera, Xbox recently collaborated with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a fun celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary.