Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 17 2022

Gabby Logan for Vitabiotics

Gabby Logan announced as Vitabiotics ambassador

Gabby Logan for Vitabiotics - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

British TV sports presenter, Gabby Logan has been unveiled by Vitabiotics, a supplement brand in the UK, as the brand's first ambassador for Menopace, a menopause supplement.

Throughout the UK and Ireland, the partnership will include digital advertising, magazines, social media, and transport advertising.

Commenting on the partnership, Gabby Logan said, ‘I’m wholly embracing my midpoint in life. With the changes life throws at me, I’m glad I can rely on Menopace and together we’ll be opening up the conversation and sharing experiences about the menopause.’

Menopause has many benefits for women, including the end of PMS, not having periods, and having more confidence.

Of the women polled who are currently in or have been through the menopause, a third have found that, though it can be a challenge, when the time has come for them, it has given them an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Others noted some changes after hormone treatment such as a feeling of a new lease on life, as well as a general feeling of wellbeing. Women were able to enjoy more stable hormones as well as a higher libido and a more exciting sexual life. Additionally, for some women it was about finding themselves for the first time and feeling better.

The research was commissioned by Vitabiotics Menopace, whose ambassador and TV broadcaster, Gabby Logan, said: “We wanted to show that while the menopause can be a challenging life stage, many women find there are positives, and the more communication with friends, family, and colleagues, the better."

“Of course, for many women, it’s not something they look forward to, and it can be a very difficult time. But for many, it seems there are some positives, which often aren’t spoken about."

“It’s important to talk about and share the good experiences, to help those who are approaching menopause and those going through it, to show that there are positive upsides to be embraced as part of this natural life stage.” Gabby Logan went on to say.

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