Posted by Paul Grimwood on Jul, 05 2017

Katherine Ryan Stars in TK Maxx’s Bragging Campaign

Comedian Katherine Ryan has teamed up with TK Maxx for a new brand campaign about bragging.

Katherine Ryan for TK Maxx Katherine Ryan is the newest celebrity model for TK Maxx, recreating iconic moments from the past for the fashion high street retailer’s latest ‘Brags of Style’ brand campaign The clothing and homeware outlet has conducted research among 2000 adults into what Brits consider to be the most iconic and identifiable bragging moments throughout history and popular culture. RELATED: Lady Gaga And Elton John Partner With Macy’s Neil Armstrong's moon walk topped the list, followed by Marilyn Monroe's infamous skirt-billowing subway scene and Usain Bolt's iconic winner's pose. Each shot represents one of the top five moments of ‘historic bragging’ as shoehorned into the marketing campaign, and features clothes from the store. The research also found that we share our brags on social media purely because we feel proud. With 70% citing personal achievement and 68% saying they’re happy to share such news with everyone.  Fashion psychologist Professor Carolyn Mair, commented, "Bragging is a term that has certainly evolved over the ages, in particular with the younger generation shunning historical etiquettes and teaching older peer-groups that it is OK to enjoy showcasing well-earned achievements and being proud to do so."