Posted by The Celebrity Group on Feb, 12 2023

Meghan Trainor joins forces with Pringles

Meghan Trainor Stars in Pringles Super Bowl Commercial

Meghan Trainor joins forces with Pringles - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group Please raise your (canned) hand if you haven't experienced this. In the Super Bowl LVII ad for the snack manufacturer, Meghan Trainor is in excellent company among others who are scrambling for the final Pringle. Whether you are a king or a small street sweeper, you will eventually get your hand caught in a Pringles can. The Pringles commercial for Super Bowl LVII looks to be the perfect place for that garbled remark from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. A small boy tries for the last Pringles chip at the beginning of the full 7 February advertisement, only to get trapped. “Don’t worry,” says his grandfather. “It happens to the best of us.” Meghan Trainor, who like Cheddar Cheese Pringles, is pictured hugging her dog while using her injured hand to pet the animal. When Tina Turner's "Simply The Best" begins to play, viewers are given Schitt's Creek flashbacks while simultaneously being reminded that even the best of us can get trapped in life yet still succeed. The grandfather adds, "It even happened to your little cousin, Timmy." Unaware that he is appearing in a Super Bowl commercial, the grandson exclaims, "That doesn't even make sense." Grandpa adds, "That doesn't matter" (and in the extended version, Gramps drops a paternal bomb on the poor kid.) Meghan Trainor demonstrated in the first sneak peek for the chip's Super Bowl commercial that she was coming for Wheezy's bag by becoming trapped inside a can (which, Wheezy is known for doing.) In the teaser, Meghan set up her phone in her apartment in a high-rise building and started dancing the "Made You Look" challenge. She then went in for another Pringles chip after pausing to eat a cheddar cheese chip, only to find herself imprisoned. Meghan shook the can, trying to get it off her palm, and said, "C'mon!" Meghan  Trainor is left in the dark about what to do next when it fails.

“We’re excited to return to continue showing snacking fans that the age-old ‘Pringles dilemma’ of getting your hand ‘stuck in’ our iconic can while reaching for the last crisp isn’t a dilemma; rather, it’s a’ worth it’ risk to reach every single irresistible crisp,” Mauricio Jenkins, Pringles U.S. brand lead, told Adweek.

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