Posted by Paul Grimwood on Jul, 05 2020

Nicola Adams, Pixie Lott and Vinnie Jones for Alpro

Nicola Adams, Pixie Lott and Vinnie Jones co-star in a new vegan milk ad for Alpro.

Nicola Adams for Alpro Nicola Adams, Pixie Lott and Vinnie Jones co-star in a new vegan milk ad for Alpro, a 'plant-based parody' of the famous 2010 Make Mine Milk campaign, which the celebrities also featured in. Make Yours Oat with Alpro will reunite the stars for a “playful pastiche” of Milk Marketing Forum’s 2010 Make Mine Milk brand campaign. RELATED: PIXIE LOTT – NEW FACE OF “STEFFI LOVE” The trio – who starred in the original advertising campaign wearing ‘milk moustaches’ but have since made the move to a plant-based diet – will don ‘mOAT-staches’ in a series of creatives and tongue-in-cheek videos designed to promote Alpro’s Oat drink range. Kick starting with a high-impact consumer media launch, the campaign will then roll out across social media, digital and out of home advertising, and will feature a high-profile radio partnership with Heart and Capital FM. Nicola Adams posted on social media, "Wow ten years has just flown by… Even though I’ve hung up my gloves, my health is still really important to me. Being constantly on the move, doing everything I never had time for when I was training, I need something quick to keep me going and nothing hits better than a good smoothie! And my smoothie secret weapon? It's got to be @Alpro Oat Unsweetened." “A lot can change in a decade,” said David Jiscoot, marketing director for Alpro UK & Ireland. “10 years on from the launch of an iconic dairy ad, and three of its original stars have made the move to a more plant-based lifestyle, along with millions of others. “In fact, since 2010, plant-based food and drink has become nothing short of a national phenomenon. Millions of people have started to wake up to the health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating – and demand for products made from oats, almonds and soya has absolutely rocketed as a result, with sales growing by +239% to hit £460.6 million,” explained Jiscoot.