Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 09 2022

Pete Davidson partners with Taco Bell

Taco Bell to Launch Breakfast Pop-Up in Wrigleyville With Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson partners with Taco Bell - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

Former SNL actor Pete Davidson will participate in the launch of a breakfast pop-up in Wrigleyville later in the month following his appearance in an ad "apologizing" for Taco Bell's breakfast menu.

From Thursday, Oct. 20 through Sunday, Oct. 23, the Pete Davidson pop-up will be located at the Taco Bell Cantina at 1107 W. Addison Street in Wrigleyville.

The promotion will also include pop-ups in New York and Las Vegas.

In the apology ad, Pete Davidson concludes his appearance by saying, "Well, they should open a restaurant that only serves us breakfast crunch things."

A pop-up serving breakfast food will open, branded the Bell Breakfast, which will offer items such as the breakfast crunchwrap, hash browns, and coffee.

The Wicker Park Taco Bell location was the first Taco Bell nationwide to serve alcohol. Taco Bell and Chicago have a long history together.

A prior Taco Bell near Wrigleyville has since been closed, leading to protest from residents in the area. The new Taco Bell Cantina has since opened in Wrigleyville late last year.

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