Posted by The Celebrity Group on Oct, 06 2022

Karim Benzema for Fendi

Karim Benzema is Fendi’s New Brand Ambassador

Karim Benzema is Fendi’s New Brand Ambassador - Brand Ambassador - The Celebrity Group

Following his win as UEFA's Men's Player of the Year, Karim Benzema has become Fendi's latest global ambassador.

Following partnerships with Hyundai and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karim Benzema's first venture with the Rome-based brand found him in a Fendi suit to pick up his much-deserved trophy following an outstanding 21/22 campaign.

This low-top model by Fendi and produced in conjunction with UNDEFEATED will soon become an international status symbol.

Speaking about Karim Benzema, commonly known as Benz, Fendi said: “Featuring technical fabrics and high-end athletic touches, the Fendi Faster Sneaker is balanced by the characteristic luxury which the Fendi Maison brings to each of its designs. In its finely tuned performance and finely honed detail, the Fendi Faster forms an ideal companion to Benzema’s own unique and inimitable skill, style, and strong personality.”

This editor, who chooses pieces by Adidas and Fendi, combines black, baby blue, and beige Adidas x Raf Simons jeans and Raf Simons biker jackets with all-denim looks and a clean beige Fendi trench coat in an editorial spread.

Benz is the latest baller to be tapped to represent major fashion brands, following Gucci's hiring of Jack Grealish and Burberry's signing of Heung-Min Son.

We're going to see more of these initiatives in the future, where big fashion companies use football players in ambassador positions to help bring visibility to their brand.

The sneaker is currently available in white nubuck leather or gray nylon, with corrugated running soles, and a FF motif along the sides, toes, and fabric inserts. The Faster trainers can be purchased for $1,100 now at Fendi boutiques as well as its .

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